New Owner Process - EOG

Hello - I’m new to the group and have found so much helpful information here. Many thanks to the experts who provide answers and to those who ask the questions. Through surprise mineral rights inheritance, I am in process with ownership change. Half a dozen affidavits later and lots of reading on the subject, I slowly progress. The well is in Eagle Ford and is managed by EOG. If the documentation is approved I understand the next step to be receipt of Division Orders.

I’m wondering if I should expect the general process to be smooth or if it generally takes many rounds of documented “proof” beyond the initial set of requests. I have read some folks here have had lots of this kind of activity and others not.

Regardless of the process, it has been fun learning more about this fascinating part of Texas history in my family and am hopeful for “mailbox money” in the future. I understand it can take quite some time for the checks to actually begin flowing.

Advice on what to expect or look out for is welcome.


Should be fairly straightforward as you indicate there is already a well, and you inherited, so I would contact EOG Division Order department and ask what they need. If there is a probated will should be straightforward.

My family passed down property with no information, so I spent time on the TexasFile website searching and downloading old deeds, following the crumb trail to the gingerbread house.

Beware of division orders. Many attempt to amend lease terms. For Texas use the model form, for Oklahoma no division order is required.

Thank you, Roy. I appreciate the advice.

Thank you, Richard. I appreciate the heads-up.