New Oil play

"I would also remind you that we might still have 3 JV deals left to work on in 2012. We are about 400,000 net acres in the Williston Basin, around 1.4 million net acres in the Mississippi Lime play and on our way to 500,000 net acres in another oil play that we aren't ready to discuss yet until we have drilled a few wells in it."

This is the CEO from Chesapeakes latest Conference call.

It is very possible that he is reffering to what is going on in Kiowa county. If this is true this area is just getting warmed up.

This might very well be one of the last places to get into a favorable acreage position. Don’t be taudry, Aubrey, make the move!

I heard today that they are after the Missippian resevoir. Companies have had great success with this in Kansas and Oklahoma. I dont know alot but am trying to gather as much as i can.

I know Sandridge and Linn have acreage just east of us so it might be them coming our way.