New mineral rights owner

My sister and I just inherited mineral rights in Woods County Section 21 Township 27N Range 14W. I don’t know anything about mineral rights. All I know is that Chesapeake Energy has a well or something there. Can anyone help me? I’m like a baby learning to walk.

Good for you for asking questions!
Chesapeake had the Biltmore 1-21 well there. It produced from 2008-2011

The Korell trust 21-27-14 1H is a horizontal well that started production in 2012. Still online. You will need to notify BCE-MACH LLC of your inheritance so you can get paid. Chesapeake sold it to BCE. I attached their address for you and your sister. You may have to provide them with probate documents.

Read the Mineral Help in the tab at the top. Read everything in the Woods County topics to catch up. Come back and ask tons of questions.

Thank you so much for the information! I will contact them tomorrow in regards to the mineral rights.

How do I find out the acreage I own? I have a very small interest in mineral rights and I have yet to recieve a check.

Contact the operator first and see if they have a copy of the lease and the net acres. If you inherited, you will need to prove your title with them with your inheritance documents. The division order analyst should be able to help you.

Thank you!! They already know I am the owner now, I already got the division order. My percentage is just so small and I need to find out as much as I can. Thank you for your help!! I sincerely appreciate it.

OKLAHOMA does not require division orders however it’s good idea to give them your tax ID number with a W9 form

Well I have a division order

Excellent. Then send a nice letter to the Division Order Analyst and give them your owner number and the well name and property number that are on the DO. Tell them that you recently inherited and that you would like a copy of the lease and the paragraph from the title opinion that pertains to your acreage. Also ask for the net acreage that they are using to calculate your decimal. Tell them that you are updating your files and that you would be very grateful for the information.

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Thank you for your help Ms. Barnes. The division order I signed is retro active to January 1st, but I have yet to recieve anything. The decimal interest is ridiculously small and because I am new to all of this I don’t know what is going on. Again, thank you for your help!!!

I usually send a very nice letter by certified return receipt mail and remind them of their statutory responsibility to pay interest and that usually gets them moving a bit faster.

I already recieved the information. It’s only 1.25 net acres I inherited. I haven’t even received a check yet, and my paperwork is retro active to January 1st. There is a well, Korell Trust, but the 1.25 acres isn’t much to split between 5 grandchildren. I have some thinking to do. Thank you for your assistance! It is much appreciated.