New Mineral Right Owner Widow

I recently inherited Mineral Rights in Greene County Franklin Township PA from a family member. tax parcel number(s) 07-05-0129 (15.883 ac), 07-05-0129-A (2.50 ac), 07-05-0129-B (3.697 ac), 07-05-0130 (24.189 ac), 07-05-0131 (0.97 ac), 07-05-0131-A (1.153 ac), 07-05- 0131-B (1.12 ac), 07-05-0131-D (0.18 ac), 07-05-0131-E (17.51 ac), 07-05-0131-F (0.52 ac), 07-05-0137 (63.649 ac), 07-05-0139 (1.2 ac), 07-05-0140 (33.60 ac) & 07-05-0140-A (1.40 ac

I have little to no understanding of how to know what a good offer would be or even how to look up the plot and if there is any drilling in the area.

Grateful for any assistance on activity in the area or a “best guess” on the value of these rights, and prospect for future development.

@SBernarduci here are some links that might help. Pennsylvania Oil and Gas map:

Greene County parcel map:

Thank you very much!

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