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Hello all// Im new to your forum and could use some help and contribute what I can in return.My wife recently obtained mineral rights with 5 other siblings in Pawnee County. They share 20 acres on 19- 22N- 3E and my research thus far shows this and surrounding tracts to be doing well. Its all new to me but Im learning fast but far from an expert in this field. It seemed like a logical decision to join your group to learn and share anything I can help with.We are from Tulsa but currently reside in West Virginia. We are currently awaiting a leases from Devon who is paying out 350 dollars per acre bonus and then 3/16 royalty to the six heirs. I have been tracking as many wells in that region as I can and it seems as though we are in a good spot, but you never know.We have not signed yet as I sent several stipulations to the landman only to find out that pooling orders were granted back around the end of may.The drilling permit was taken out in mid june due to a family member who attempted to be the sole heir but they figured it out.At this point the deed is being redone properly at their expense even after paying the culprit a bonus. However they still want to pay the other heirs,thus starting over. They have until the end of December to drill on the permit that was later modified. I know of the Jo Lynn 19 and have heard of the Jo Lynn 18 which I believe are on 19 but don't know the status of these yet. I was told that they could have already started as they have 14 days to report the spudding back to the drill permit office. Any comments or knowledge of whats going on in 19 would be helpful. And if the numbers seem current for that area.I have all the pooling orders for 19-22N-3E if anyone would need me to forward them.You seem to have quite a few experts in the group along with a lot of folks like me looking for answers.Any help would be appreciated and if I can help in any way I would be more than happy to. Thanks for having me. Paul R.


You might want to join the Pawnee County site on this forum. Click on "Groups" above, then "County" ; then find Pawnee County under the Oklahoma heading. These are individuals who have an interest in the Pawnee County area.