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Greetings, a landman from Petrohawk called me one day in August of 2011 looking for heirs of my Grandfather Hicks who died in 1962! Turns out I have 10 acre share of the 480! Signed a 3 year lease with options for 2 more in October 2011. Looks like BHP Billiton is pulling permits every week. From the GLO map I found the section and with the cursor in the middle of it got these coordinates, 31.690423, -103.915559, from google earth it's pretty barren out there :) Not far NW out of Pecos, anybody have insight on the area?

1811-HICKS480.pdf (2.67 MB)

Ken – welcome to the sight. The GLO map [ ] is very good and useful, especially if you have the Abstract Number. (E.g., center top of page, select magnifying glass “Search Tools” feature; on drop-down menu select “County and Abstract Search”; enter County and Abstract Number in the drop-down box, click “Search”. That section will be highlighted in orange on the map.)

Now, using another very good interactive map from the RRC, go to:

Under the map click the highlighted Launch New Public GIS Viewer:

In the top left menu bar find the blank white box beside “Go To:” and scroll to select county. Beside that click the “Visibility” button for a drop-down menu. I always select “Pipelines” and “Original Texas Land Surveys”. This map is a work in progress, i.e., the search feature using the abstract number is a work in progress, I’m told. You really have to zoom-in close to the surface to initiate all the map features, i.e., well locations, API numbers, pipeline location-product-size-operator, etc. etc.. Be patient as it is slow to load when you zoom-in/-out or drag the map around.

Your section is 9 miles due south of Orla. There is serious horizontal drilling activity several miles S and SE of you by EOG Resources and others. (For a listing of all EOG permits: On the RRC’s Drilling Permit Application Query site...

... select “Reeves”, enter Operator Number 253162, click “Submit”.) Hope this helps. Later -- Buzz

Well, I'm back! Got a call that BHP Billiton is having our section surveyed for a pad sight! Hope to drill in July! Question, on a 480 acre section why would they drill in the far N.W. corner when they can hit anywhere with horizontal drilling?

1812-GEImageStatePish57T3361HApproximateLocation.pdf (322 KB)
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