New Lease with West Star Operating company

In September we signed a lease for our 2.5 acres of mineral rights in Pottawatomie County. Section 5-Township 6N-Range 2E. The LandMan told us how anxious they were to drill a vertical well on that property. How do we know if that was true and if so how do we find out when they will drill?

Any ideas or info would be great to have.


Could not possibly tell you how anxious the land man was to drill a well. :)

When they will drill a well can be found out from the information at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission which has a public website.

But I went ahead and looked it up for you. They filed their application to drill in June and spudded in June also. They filed their well spud in November.

They should have production sometime soon.

West Star Operating Company in Norm 405.366.6000 ext 121 Well Name Cagle 1-5. Call them and ask.

Thank you so much for the information, but what does "spud" mean? I saw the Cagle listed but never made the connection between West Star and that name. This is actually a lot of fun following all of this.

Thanks Again

Tom Klein

Spud just means started a hole in the ground.

AS good a definition as i know.

Heres a better one:

Hows the weather? Sunny and warm, I hope.

They actually leased you after the spud date. I hope you got good terms. BTW are you related to Alice Goar Klein formerly Robeson?

The weather here is ok....mid to low 70's. Not as warm as we would like it being in the Desert. We are about 20 miles south of Palm Springs. The lease money was split between my wife and her brother but the production thing is 3/16th. I guess thats about normal. No relationship with Alice.

Again thanks for the info.

Tom Klein

No problem.

Glad you got 3/16th.

Call anytime