New Lease - Questions


We signed a lease agreement and not sure what we do now?

We signed with Strata Resources - are they the operator?

Also, how do we know if they have applied for a well permit - are they required to tell us or do we need to dig for the information.

Any info you guys can provide would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

Do you have the legal information for your interests? I can have a look. What was the lease you sign, bonus/offer?

You may private message me.

Pretty sure that Strata resources is a lease brokerage firm - probably working for an operator who was paying their bills. They will assign your lease to the operator (you may eventually get a letter indicating who was assigned the lease).

As for permit and drilling info, unless the operator is atypical, you will have to dig up any info. I suggest you start getting familiar with the Tx RRC site to scope out things in your area.

Sorry I can't be of more help on this but if you post the location of your minerals (i.e. abstract, section, etc.) , I can scope out a subscription data base to see who is active in that area

Hi! Thanks we are in Section 10 Block C25

Hi! Thanks for the info! We are in Section 10 Block C25

Is there a map that shows these locations and active wells? Thanks again for your help - I am just learning all of this!

Attached are two PDF's from subscription site. You can find something similar on the Tx RRC GIS mapping site.

The one PDF shows all historical production from Block C25 (red for gas / green for oil).

The "Centered on Section 10" shows section 10 in center - note the long lines / there are horizontal well bores (either already drilled or permitted)_

293-HistoricalProductionBlockC25.pdf (419 KB) 294-CenteredonSection10.pdf (705 KB)