New lease came in mail

Anetro sent me another lease in the mail, this is the First one I have gotten since I found this forum so a little help would be great lol..

First it is for 4 tracts.. A,B,C,D

Tract A: is on waters of rock run district of west Union Doddridge Co, parcel number 8-8 p/o 35 lot 6

western lot has 4.59 acres

Tract B: is same place but District is West union Magisterial. Parcel Number 8-8-18 lot 9, 6 acres

Tract C: is Waters of rock run Branch of middle island creek, west union district, parcel 8-8-p/o 50 lot 2 for 1.8 acres

and tract D: is waters of rock run middle island creek parcel 8-8-p/o 50 lot 5 for 1.8 acres

all border Curtis Gabbert, on north

h.t & e.b Davis on the east

south border is W.H. Brown

West S.S. spencer& union knight

Does anyone have any info of this land,, is it producing anything?

and all they are offering is a $200.00 signing bonus and 15% but I only have a undivided 0.01496 net mineral acres whatever that means

Help lol

First, here is a great website, offered by the Doddridge county assessor's office Doddridge tax map site

Once you get into the site, choose West Union, map 8 and parcel 18. It seems to be the easiest to find. From there you can see the adjoining tracts. If you click on the Oil and Gas Wells layer, you see some red circles around the area but none right in the tracts. More later.

I found this on the old farm map (around 1915) which has the names you listed, and the tract in the middle, involving these current parcels, is Jeffrey Land 65 acres. It doesn't completely fit the current tax parcels, but parcel 18 is on the northwestern side. I believe these farm maps are not available anymore (if anyone knows of a source please say so). Not sure how to attach an image. If you want I can scan that part of the map and try to figure out how.

Using the Pipeline Plus service of the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, if you enter 4701706829

you will find some information on this well. At the bottom of the page you will find 3 links: All Data, View, Scans.

All data shows information about the driller, surface owner, things like that. This is a horizontal well, Fraley unit.

View shows a map. You see the well location marked in a turquoise color. At the left side are some things about the map. Click on Base Layers. I like to use the Topographic maps because it seems easier to find things and compare maps. When you can see the general layout of the Assessor's map with tax map and parcels, and the WV GES map, you can see that this well is somewhat south of your tracts.

Back on the Pipeline main page, see Scans. Click on that, and you see 2 links for this well: pdoc and plat

Choose Plat. You now have another map to compare. This appears to be just to the west of you.

Even with a small acreage I think you would do well to have a WV Oil and Gas attorney help you to negotiate. The good ones can get you a better deal, and make it worth their fee.

Net mineral acres is the total acreage (maybe it was the 65 acre Jeffrey Land tract that was your ancestor's) divided by your share of that. Not a lot but is worth getting the best deal you can for the long term.

See if these links work, and if this makes sense.

You can easily print the scan plat from the WV GES site. The Doddridge assessor's site won't let you print but you could order a tax map from them, and could take a picture of the screen.

Here is the Doddridge online records which you can use to see what you might find.

I expect since the permit we found is there, Antero is trying to get things lined up for the land adjacent, including yours.


Nancy, as long as I have been on the forum sites, I have not seen the Doddridge tax map site. one learns everyday, Thank You.

Glad it helps Arnold. When somebody sent me the link I was really surprised how good it was.Then I found it on the Doddridge Assessor's website. They want you to buy tax maps from them, which is reasonable. But they share this great site!

Hi Dale_oliverio, I just received lease documentation for the same set of tracts, presumably a different fractional slice from the same package. Did you learn anything useful from your research a few months ago? If so, would you be willing to speak directly? Thanks! Mike Langlais

All we did was sign our lease I never found out anything else, I don’t even know if they’re drilling, I don’t know if there’s royalties. You do any research and find out anything let me know please

Ok, will do. Thanks for the quick reply!

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have you found out anything yet??

Arnold Do you have any interest in the Caboose/Pickney/Jay etc. wells. Any word on those? They cut through the Nova well property that you and I have an interest in. There was a spud date, but nothing else.

Jim, I do not have interest in those wells, they are in West Union District, They were permitted in 2017.Well numbers are 017-06813, 017-06816, 017-06817,017-06822,017-06823, as usually I have no up-date from Antero, Sorry it took so long to get back to you as I have had Company for two weeks.

Sorry. I though you had an interest in the Nova which is basically the same area.

Jim White

Jim, I do have interest in Nova. Map 4 42 and 3-13, but nothing on the other wells, You know that famous diagonal line has to go threw your numbers, I have nothing on the before mentioned wells

Jim, you are right, I do have a little interest in Caboose map 3-14, Diagonal line goes through that partial, small but I will take it. Thanks for making me do my homework.

Hi Dale, After getting about as far as we could looking at internet resources, we ended up just signing. The interest is pretty minimal and there wasn’t any real evidence to suggest the benefits were ever going to outweigh the time going into the research. Had there been solid indication that the asset value would exceed the time-suck going into the research, then perhaps this would have gone in a different direction, but that’s how this one landed. Thanks! Mike