New land owner

My father recently passed away and now we own the mineral rights to two sections: Township 151 N, Range 88W Sections 18 and 17. I believe these are also considered to be near the edge of the dead zone. Can anybody tell me the strategy of the oil companies and the dead zone. Will they start in the middle of the dead zone and work out or do they continue to work from the outside in? Wondering if / when they will be exploring our neck of the woods? Also, does anybody know what the going rate for land values in this area? Big decisions to be made on buy vs sell as well as sell and keep mineral rights.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by "dead zone, but you are unfortunately a little too far east to be in the Bakken play. I would not expect any activity at your location. The geology just isn’t there.


As Steve said, these lands are outside the core area. It is possible development could make its way there, but it will probably be a decade or longer. There is some value to your minerals now. If you don’t need to sell, your best option is to hold on to these long-term and see if something happens to increase activity around you.

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