New Kensington, Pa

I’m a newbie. Hate that because i can’t find didley about Westmoreland County, PA. Five of my relatives inherited my grandparents’ small, three parcels of non-contiguous land in New Kensington, Pa, that is less than an acre. A landman has offered us a signing bonus of $3000 “per net acre,” and 17% royalty for “non- surface paid-up” lease agreement. I’m positive no one else in this area has an offer, but it it just a matter of time. As of now, they’ve only received an interest survey.

Can’t find anything on this area, but it appears to be part of the “Porter” well. How can i find out if the offer is okay? Shouldn’t i be concerned about how drilling for oil and natural gas impacts the residents in this area?

Olympus Energy has a six well Porter pad, looks like it has produced 23MMCF of gas. They drilled a couple in Aug 2019 and the rest in June 2021. Not sure how many wells you would space into from a pad, but offer seems reasonable. I’d think they could at least get to 4500/acre @17% based on that production, but I would focus on increasing the royalty; very loose rule of thumb each royalty percent increase would be worth about 500/acre. All the wells will be drilled from a pad, very minimal infringement on surface.

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