New information regarding mineral rights

I am the trustee for 1/2 interest in the NW/4 NW/4 of section 2, Township 9 North, Range 17 East of the I.B.M., Pittsburg County, Ok. According to the trust I need to sell this by October, 2023. Anybody have any idea what it’s worth. I’m from Nebraska and this is all very foreign.

Curious as to why you would need to sell the rights. Is this a very, very old trust that has run out its time span? Only one recent lease from 2018 which has expired. Trinity had planned to drill a well back in 2017-18 but it did not happen.

If you do need to sell, there are appraisers listed in the Directories tab above.

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The Trust states that all that is in the trust must be liquidated a year from my father’s death. Nobody in the family wants to hold on to them.

Having done some work for Banks and other larger Trustees, I would suggest you place this in a sale on energynet or MCEE. It would get sold to the highest bidder. You couldn’t be accused of not doing your job by selling it too low.

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Thank you for your help. I will check into those suggestions.