New info highly usable re: leasing

Please review the univ of Tx rates and damages publication. Then u will have a starting point. And it can always go up. Too many people getting slicked on leasing and having to learn the hard way. Big expensive non producing holes in the ground but no money for u? Move on driiler

The State [University of Texas] publication is an “our way or the highway” dictate. How common is it for surface and mineral owners to be positioned to make any demands?

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You have to make demands or you’re going to end up losing a bunch of money on your non royalty producing Frac experiment Just Assume it’s NEVER going to pay from production and get all u can upfront. Forget the royalty that’s for the next hole. Don’t buy into the experiment you don’t need it. Your land has value

My neighbor got hornswoggled on a lease deal. Sad

If u make it hard on the oil co they will stop doing expensive experiments and focus on high grade acreage to drill instead of asking u to subsidize the clown show