New here, doing business with rimrock


Hey everyone. I’m a newbie . What I was wondering does anyone have any news on the Lindsey well. My brother and I do business with rimrock. Any info would be appreciated!!

Thanks Lisa j


Welcome Lisa. It helps to get info if you know the Section, Township & Range (Example: Sec ??, T4N R4W). The Operator is supposed to have a Well Sign up on the entrance from a public road to the well that has this information. But, sometimes it takes them a while to post the sign.


Thanks for the quick reply. Will post that info later this evening , grandkids are visiting!


Lisa j


Section 3-1N-2W. That’s what I have.


Completion report First sales were 4/26/18, so you should be getting a Division order any day.
They were waiting on this order which gave the split.

If they don’t pay by November, you may be able to get interest payments since they were paste the six months statutory date.


Wonder if the back pay will be good? How exciting! Lol


Statutory interest is 12% is your title is clear and 6% if you have a cloud that has to be cleaned up.


Lisa, It looks like a probate order has been filed. You probably shouldn’t have any title issues.