New here, am heir to MIneral Rights in Ofuskee County

Hello , My family has mineral rights in Ofuskee County, around Paden, we believe. We have lost the legals eg, twp, section etc. How do we find out the legals discription and % of of mineral rights that was passed down to us, I’m 70 and all the relatives that knew are , of course , passed on.

Thanks in advance Jack Delmar

ps do have the name of the ggrandparents who had the land and mineral rights.

The original deeds are filed at the Osfuskee County courthouse. Any probates should have been filed there as well. You can also try the website: and search there. The digital records only go back until about the early 90’s. You can hire a landman for a day to go look things up at the courthouse unless you live close by and can do it yourself.