New heir Section 14-9N-5W, Grady County, OK

Section 14-9N-5W, Grady County, OK. Just got letter from Citizens Energy III that sister and I are the last heirs of owner (great grandfather) of this property and mineral rights. Wanting to drill. What do next?

Hi Terry,

You will need to determine what curative documents are needed to show chain-of-title (in other words, how the interest passed from your great grandfather to you and your sister). You may be able to accomplish this by filing Affidavit of Heirships or it may require hiring an attorney to go through the probate process. You may want to start by contacting the Owner Relations Department with Citizens Energy to see if they can provide more information. (excerpts from title opinions with title requirements, amount of net mineral acreage, etc.).

These type of things are very fact specific to each account. A mineral consultant, landman or an attorney with experience in probate/oil and gas can help by working with you to get the proper documentation in order.

Good luck!

Thank you. The land company pretty well tracked down the last heirs of mineral rights to me and my sister. I guess need to get get it legally put in our name ASAP.

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You will want to get access to all of the OCC cases that pertain to that section. Also, you may have royalties waiting for you from the Collins 15-9-5H well that was already drilled. Two more wells are being proposed. (You may get offers to buy, but suggest you ignore them for now.) Linn was the operator of the first well, but sold to Citizen. Contact the Division Order department to see if they are holding royalties for you. Ask how many net acres you have and what royalty was assigned to you. There was an older pooling that may affect you.

Cases 202001466, 1468, 1467 new ones 201702309 , 2310, 6917 older ones.

Terry: It would be a good idea to search your ancestors’ names with the unclaimed property.

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