New found mineral rights

Recently found out I am, with siblings and cousins, an heir to mineral rights in Grimes. Looks like the lease ran out in 1988. I have a letter from the energy company stating as much. Not sure how to proceed. The land sits in the southern portion of the county. Any additional help is appreciated. I must say I have learned a great deal already from this sight and the suggested readings. I believe I have a long row ahead of me.

Thanks again.

Craig, these articles may help. Are in the Blog section of this site:

Mr.Caldwell, Thank you for your reply. Your links give me exactly the information I need.
I have quick read them and now will go back and study the information. I am fortunate that there is considerable paperwork in the file that lays out activity from the 1950’s until the late 1980’s.
Again, thank you for your guidance. Respectfully, Craig Wade Caldwell said: