New Energy Daily Newsletter and Website dedicated to Oklahoma Energy

There is a new service which debuted last month called OK Energy Today. com. It's a daily newsletter which comes to your Inbox every day, and delivers Energy News headlines from Oklahoma and the industry. Click on the story you are interested in, and you are sent to the website with full story details. It's free to join, just hit the subscribe button at Besides daily energy news, the website provides daily Well "Permit to Drill" reports and Well Completion Reports, all with Map links so you can actually see where the wells are located on a Google map. Give it a try....

Atta Boy Tim!!! looks like a great sight. i have enjoyed listening to Ron for years. I will be checking in often

Thanks again

Since starting this up with Jerry Bohnen in late 2014 we have grown from 0 subscribers to 5100, We are thankful for everyones participation in the site.

I love your newsletter and read it almost every day. Thanks for what you are doing.

This is Louis Gohmert, Sr., and I don’t have a ‘news letter’? Are you thinking of my Son, Louie Gohmert the Congressman?

I like your comments on Mineral Rights Forum, and find it very informative; so keep up the good work.

Louis G.

Was answering Tim West and the link to the Http:// Just saying how much I was enjoying over the last few years.

This newsletter looks very informative, where can I subscribe? I followed the link here in the forum, but couldn’t find a spot to subscribe to the daily newsletter you guys were describing. Can someone help me out?


Open the link above and the newsletter will open up. Scroll down to the very bottom and there is a tab you can use to subscribe.

Thanks for the help, Martha. Got signed up!