New Drilling Pad Washington Co TX

Does anyone have a permit name or drillers name for a new pad located off of FM 389, just west of the Latium Fire Department?

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I believe that is the Verdun Somme well, brought online in March but no completion report filed?

Don’t think it’s the Verdun Somme. The last take point for the Somme is near 389 but the drilling location was a couple of miles further west off Eckermann Road. The new pad Michael is talking about fronts on the west side of FM 389 near Sacred Heart Road. It’s in Washington County but close to the Austin County line probably in the G. Borden Survey, A-14.

So far RRC isn’t showing any permit applications in that location but pads get built sometimes before the permit is filed. RRC’s map shows AMP Texas has a 12" gas gathering line that appears to start at that location, and is showing it’s in service. I’m thinking it could be like several situations in the Burton area where AMP extended new gathering lines to Geosouthern drill sites long before a rig showed up.

The closest drilling to the Latium area are the two wells called the Belleau Wood and the Saint-Mithel that Verdun has underway from a big pad that’s on the opposite side of 389 a little further south, just inside the Austin County line. The plats for those units show the names of two other proposed Verdun units, called the Tannenberg and the Gallipoli, that haven’t been permitted yet. The boundaries for those units aren’t shown but I’m assuming Verdun plans to drill them from the same pad as those first two wells so they wouldn’t involve the area Michael is talking about.

That 12inch gathering line, do you have an idea of where it is going after it leaves that well? AMP has a line surveyed and mostly permitted that originates in the Latium area. It then heads SE towards Wesley and joins up with the new compressor station being built of off FM 2502. They cross my driveway and the paperwork indicated up to a 16inch line.

Has there been any update on the Latium well pad site that you have heard of?