New drilling in Liberty County Texas?

I am new to all of this and can use any assistance I can find. I have received a lease for my mineral rights on 137 acres in Liberty County Texas. According to the landman that contacted me the oil company is ready to drill. He says they are wanting to drill for gas and they intend to drill approx. 3 miles down. I have specific questions about things included in the lease, but I also have questions as to where I can get information regarding activity in the area and on the land which I own the mineral rights. I have not signed any previous leases, so how can they be ready to drill? Other members of my family that have ownership of a percentage of the mineral rights have been approached and paid to sign leases over the last ten years. Is it legal for them to omit me from the process?

At this time, I am more concerned with some of the wording in the lease that I received. I am wondering if this in normal or if they are trying to take advantage. It appears to be very open ended and the 3 year term of the lease seems to have no real boundry or cut off that would stop them from continuing to hold my mineral rights.

Anyone that can answer some questions and point me in the right direction would be very helpful at this point. I am trying to educate my self but it takes time and they are wanting the lease signed.

Please help!!!!




I would contact Mr. Buddy Cotten at in regards to you question. Mr. Cotten is very knowledgeable regarding these type matters. It sounds like you may not completely understand the wording in the lease and it very important that someone look over this document before you sign and forever regret your actions. Good luck on your lease.

The two major players are Samson (who is in the process of being sold) and Fairways Oil & Gas. I think that J. Mark Smith and Associates represents Samson and Redfern Land represents Fairways. This info is about 18 months old.

A recent 3-D shoot was done in much of Liberty extending into Hardin County and this must be the first fallout of drillable prospects to come from the 3-D shoot.

The play is the deep Yeagua. They are looking for more wells like the one behind the airport in Beaumont.