New development in south Reeves county

Thought I’d butt in here and advise the Reeves county

group that I just noticed an Evers & Sons sign on Ranch Road 3334 between State Hwy 17 and FM2903.

Evidently Apache is about to build yet another Cryo

NGL plant to service the 26 permitted horizontal drill sites they have on the south side of RR3334 and on the

east side of Hwy 17 in Block 13, sections 179 and 180.

back from over month in the

hospital for emergency surgery. :sunglasses::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rainbow::stars:


Ol’ Lawrence, it’s great to see you back in the saddle again! Missed your posts but more importantly, glad you’re doing okay.

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Glad to see your are back. Trust your enjoyed your vacation. :joy:

Good to hear from you, Fred! How’s that well doing they drilled on your land East of me? They have it in full time production now??



I wouldn’t wish that kind of a ‘vacation’ on anyone. Still weak as a kitten, but gaining strength everyday. Be back to my old ornery self soon, I think.



They are currently waiting on pipeline connections for both wells. Looks like sometime this Spring I’ll be seeing checks.

Happy New Year Mr Lawrence: Glad to have you back !! I can only imagine how glad you are to be back. Take care of yourself and get back to a hundred percent. I will talk to you on the phone in a few days. CharlesJ

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Welcome back, Lawrence. Hope you have a full recovery and be even better than before!


WaterBridge took over operation of the SWD on my property and are making some changes. It’s permitted for 24,000 bbls disposal/day, but they are getting it raised to 100,000 bbls/day and putting in a bunch of new produced water lines, tankage, and tandem H pumps to accommodate much more water. It should about triple our income per month and year on it’s operation. It’s been making us over $100,000/year…we might see half a million a year when they are through.


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Ol’Lawrence, Sounds like your ringing in the new year with a bang! Very happy for you Sir.

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Glad you are “up and around,” as my dad from Ft Stockton would have said.

So glad to see your name pop up on the forum again Lawrence. Been praying for you!

All should know that I’m crediting my survival and the blessings of increased income to the Lord Jesus the Christ, Whom I belong to and serve.



Ol Lawrence from Vanhalen, we are SO HAPPY you are back and fixed better than new! Sounds like 2019 is going to be a VERY good year for you! Missed you and your commentary so much and just so thankful you are back!

Welcome back Lawrence. Be good to hear your experience, knowledge and words of wisdom again. Time for U 2 get back on track with the rest of the gang. U have certainly been missed.

Clint Liles

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Glad to have you back and know you are feeling better.

What a joyful New Year’s gift to find you are back at home! Glad all these prayers were answered and wishing you all the best!

Welcome back missed you. Happy 2019 :wink:

Good you are doing better in the new year Lawrence!

So glad to hear you are home and recuperating. Looks like the New Year has started off great for you. Congratulations on your recovery. You have been missed.