New (D/O) Division Orders on an Old Well from SONOCO? (Very General)

Operator: Payne Exploration Company

Property Name: DELLA #1-12

County: Payne

Legal Description: NW/2 SE/4 SW/4 OF SECTION 12-18N-2E

My question is should I have the (D/O) checked by an Attorney or Landman before I sign and send it back. In 2013 my mother signed over her second and last Oil and Mineral Deed to me. I hired an Attorney in Payne to help me complete a: Title Search, Draft up all the necessary paperwork, Record the NEW DEED in Payne County and forward the NEW DEED to the existing Oil Co. that were already under a lease to complete the Ownership change. I was given quite a bit of legal paperwork from my Mother ranging from Old Leases, Old Court Documents, Old Mineral Deeds, Old Land Patents, I am not sure how or where to start, to find out who is currently holding producing leases or if they are expired or what. There is (Two) 2 properties involved in SECTION 12-18N-2E. Also how I would find out if there is any Oil Companies that would have holdings of money for my Mother that weren't paid to her due to some paperwork confusion through the years. I did check Oklahoma Unclaimed Property but was told it might be in California Unclaimed Property since her last address was in California.

The (D/O) was sent to me by SUNOCO Partners Marketing & Terminals L.P. so I contacted the operator that was listed on the (D/O), PAYNE EXPLORATION COMPANY where they said it was a very old well that they sold their interest back to a ROBERTSON OIL COMPANY INC. back in 1990's where they think it was converted into a Saltwater Waste Disposal Well by Dave Robertson, do I have any rights on this well if they are dumping Waste water into it?

I don't know where or how to start looking for information about 3 (Three) separate wells, DELLA #1-12, JONES #1-12 and GATES #3-12. Also the 2 (Two) locations are, E/2 SW/4 Sec.12-18N-2E and North 45 acres of the NW/4 of Sec.12-18N-2E.

I also received a Findings and Order for American Energy-Woodford, LLC on Feb.28th 2014, allowing them to increase well density. CAUSE CD NO. 201401122-T, ORDER NO. 623048. I have not received any information from American Energy-Woodford LLC. about a new well or any (D/O) from them either? Can someone please help me sort through what I should do since I'm in California and the concern is in Payne, OK.? Thank you, Derek Freeman