New Courbet Wells

I can see spud dates on the OCC Wellbrowse for the Courbet 2-21-27XHM and Courbet 11-21-27XHM but that is all I can find. They were spud in early November. Is there something more specific I can look for to see more up-to-date information? Thanks.

All of the Courbet wells are in some stage of drilling/completion. Don’t know if there are pipelines to the locations yet so we have several months to go.

The OCC well records site is the correct location. The completion will be posted about four months after the wells are completed. You can watch for the “active” date on the Oklahoma Tax site. That will give a clue that the pipelines have been completed and the well is in pay status. Go to the PUBLIC PUN line in the HELP box. (NO need for a user account-just scroll down.) Type in the well name and look for a blue PUN number. You will see that the first Courbet was active 22-Oct-2019. The other ones are not posted yet.

Thanks for the help!

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