New correspondence on 30-8N-4W

Greetings, I received correspondence on Monday from Warwick Minerva. Its a 2 page doc with header reading: Well Proposal Beginnings 0804-30-31 1WHX E/2 of Section 30-8N-4W & E/2 of Section 31 -8N-4W McClain County, Okla. It goes on to state they are proposing a hoizontal well to test the Woodward formation and sites specific depths and costs with an attached AFE. They are asking me to make a selection of one of 4 different payment/royalty options. It states that Warwick plans to file a forced pooling app in the near future. There is this line: “Be advised that an election made pursuant to this letter shall not serve as an election under any forced pooling order issued by the OCC covering the captioned lands” What then is the purpose of this document? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

This document is a courtesy document. It is mostly for folks that want to participate in the well. You do not have to sign anything because it is non-binding and you would just have to sign everything all over again at pooling or leasing. If you are not leased, then this gives you a few weeks to get everything done or you can sit back and wait for the pooling.

Thank you. I’m not leased. This took me by surprise as it is regarding a property I sold over 30 years ago. I do not have any documentation of the sale. I think I bought it from the original owner and am assuming I received the mineral rights when I bought but did not convey them when I sold. What exactly do you mean by “get everything done”? Thanks

“Get everything done” means you can either lease with any of the companies that think you still have the mineral rights or you can just wait for the pooling. They have done preliminary title work that makes them think you may still have the mineral rights. Interesting that Warwick has sent you a letter as EOG has filed most of the OCC cases there.

You may want to look up the notices from EOG, especially the pooling notice to see if your name is on there since the pooling was supposed to be in February. They may have postponed it. Case Processing Online

In the correspondence ,I have received, concerning info on the court actions pending in Sec 30-8N-4W the person listed below is a point of contact: Tyler Smith, Land Specialist Blue Star Land Services P.O. Box720894 Norman ,OK. 720894 405-321-1397

Just in general, if you lease, do not hand over any signed lease without getting paid at the same time. The first least that is offered is not usually in the mineral owner’s favor and will need some negotiation especially in regard to post production charges.

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