New Activty in South Renville?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and game and have so far found the information invaluable. We have 160 mineral acres in Section 25 W/2, Township 158 N, Range 86 W. Anything likely to occur in that area or nearby? I wasn't too confident of much after reviewing the GIS server from the North Dakota Dept. of Minerals and Resources. My grandfather owned a farm on 320 acres in this area and when he sold it back in the 1950's, I understand he retained mineral rights to half of the property with the other half going to the buyer at the time. By the legal description, west half of Section 25, I'm guessing that the minerals rights across the entire 320 acres are shared with the property owner (or with whomever those rights now belong to). Would that be accurate? Thanks for your help and I look forward to learning more about this world.

Bump, still looking for some help. Thanks