Never mind. Figured it out

All fine now thanks.

That would depend on the lawyer . Do you know a lawyer ? Do you know what you have ? Do you have the section ,township & range ?-?N-?w.


A lot depends on how busy your attorney is and how long you have been with him. You stated that you have a lawyer and not an attorney. Is he a general lawyer or an oil and gas attorney? If he's not an oil and gas attorney, run. Only use an attorney that does oil and gas, lots of great general attorney's, but they just don't have the time to get all the new laws, etc.

When I forward an emailed lease or fax it to my attorney, he will get back with me the following day. But, I have already told him some of the addendums that I want added. He will make suggestion as what to add and delete. So, usually within a week, we can complete a lease. Once the oil company agrees on the addendums and it's signed. They have up to 30 days to get your bonus check to you. This gives them time to check and make sure your title is somewhat clear. I have received my bonus check within 4 days after I have signed my lease, but it's usually about 2 weeks plus.

If I had the section ,township and range I could tell you what is going on around it .

Sandridge , Chaparral, and Chesapeake have all leased in 14 and around you .Chesapeake gave a 1/4 royalty in section 10 & 11 . That would be 33% more royalty . Some things I want in a lease are a Pugh clause , depth clause, Shut in limit clause ' gross proceeds clause ,no warranty of title clause . I could find no poolings yet to get bonus information in 26n-16w . In 27n-16w the bonuses have got as high as $1000 for 3/16 and a 600 and 1/4 They have several wells in that township. In 26n-15w they have paid $1100 to 1450 for 3/16, $1000 to 1350 for 1/5 and no cash & 1/4 . They have drilled several wells in that township also .