Never been paid on well from last 7 years


I have done my title research, In found out that I do in fact on int’rest in a section where a well is in Howard County Sec 38 Block 26 HTTC. I see where they made their mistakes also during their division orders. We did a term royalty deed for half our interests, 2 seperate ones half the w/2 and half the E/2 should still have 17 or 34 acres in section , And you have to look closely and read all the text to see the half. There’s even Affidavit they put out, Stating The land was not held by production from previous leases one of which included my father’s name for the opposit half But it was just mentioning those specific leases. What is my recourse and how easy is it to recoup the Funds that they have not paid me. Also I dont know which lease is holding this area, it has been lease and expired since then.