Net Mineral Acres


How do I find out my net mineral acres owned in Lincoln county Oklahoma?


The first place you might start your search is on

Search the name of the person you inherited from and see if you can find a deed or a lease to get you started. The digital records only go back so far, so you might need to go to the courthouse or get a landman to help you.


Thank you, I had no idea where to start.


If you find one of the deeds, then they usually have a sentence near the top third that says something like " an undivided interest in 10/160 of the NW4 of xxx." the Northwest Quarter of a section is actually 160 acres, so the deed would represent 10 acres. If that person died and split the acreage in half with their will, then each person would have five acres.

If you can’t find anything on okcountyrecords, then you can contact the county clerk and they might be able to help you get further into the paper records if you make a trip there.

If you need help with descriptions in any of the deeds or leases, come back here and we can help you decipher them.


I was able to contact my mom’s cousin this morning. She said my grandmother had 40 net mineral acres, that 40 was divided among her 5 children, so my mom had 8 acres, and her 8 was divided among her 5 children, so that makes my net mineral acres 1.6.

How do I find out the value of the mineral rights on my 1.6 acres? The well is no longer in production. My mineral rights are for gas, not oil.

Thank you so much for your help.


Do you have the section, township and range? The value is dependent upon the geology. Not sure I can tell you the value, but I can give you the history and any activity in the area. Mineral rights are for all products. Maybe you just happened to have gas in the well.


Thank you so much, it’s Section 09, Township 13N. Range 03E, Lincoln Couny, OK.


OCC regulatory activity is in section 15 right now, so catty corner SE of you. Gulf Exploration LLC.

There is quite a bit of leasing activity in 5, 9, 15, 17 and 32. CE Operating and Gulf Exploration seem to be the main lessees.

If you just inherited, have you filed probate documents in Lincoln County? These leasing agents may not be able to find you and your relatives. If you guys stick together in leasing, then you can get much better terms than if you lease separately. Tell them not to sign the first lease that is put in front of them as it will be not be in their favor.

There were horizontal wells drilling in 8 & 9 a few years ago. The leasing in 9 makes me think they might be thinking about drilling again. The old well was a gas well, but any new drilling might be for a different horizon.


Thank you so for your help! I inherited the mineral rights after my mom passed in 1988. It has mostly been inactive since then except around 2008, it only produced for a few months and then it stopped.

The last company that had a lease on it was Midstate and it went bankrupt several years ago.

Anchor Land Group has contacted me this past year on behalf of CC Operating wanting to lease, but I have not signed a lease with them. Since it has been inactive for so many years, I didn’t know if there was any reason to lease it.
My cousin did sign a lease with Anchor and isn’t happy with them, so I am glad I didn’t sign with them. I really appreciate you checking into it for me, you told me much more about it than I had heard before.


I would like to sell my mineral rights I inherited 22 years ago in Lincoln County. I have 4 plots on which would ultimately like to give the property owner the option but don’t live in OK and don’t have the time to do the research.