Net Mineral Acres

I 'm trying to determine how many NMA I own. In the past I have seen past lease offers to me stating I own 10.00 NMA to 5.00 NMA. Where would I find the recorded NMA I own?

My understanding is that the Net Mineral Acres is calculated by the portion of the whole that you own.

If yow own the full interest in a 100 acre tract, you own 100 NMA.

If you own 1/2 interest in 100 acres, you own 1/2 of 100 = 50 NMA.

If you own 1/10 of 100 acres, you own 1/10 of 100 = 10 NMA.

Does this help?

Nancy is correct. To find out where it is "recorded" you have to go through the title history to figure out what percentage of the minerals you own. In Nancy's example you would own 100 Gross Mineral Acres and your NMA would be whatever percentage you own in that 100 acres.