Net Mineral Acres - Confused in Converse Co. WY

I have mineral rights in converse county, wy covering 320 acres, m/l township 35 north range 72 west, 6th p.m. section 10 E1/2

they tell me mine is 4.0 net mineral acres, how is that?

I know there is 4 of us, my brothers each of us each own the mineral rights.

wanting to buy my rights at 100% at300 per net acres

All new too me, any advise?

You can research the mineral records on file at the county clerk’s office in converse county to verify the exact “net” acreage which is in your name. There could be 320 total acres overall and your acreage is only 4 “net” acres.

Net mineral acres is the amount you own of the original mineral grant of the 320 acres. You own 4/320th interest. If you are sharing this with your brothers, you may each own one acre. The remainder of the heirs own the balance.