Net acre disagreement with operator (HG)

We have been receiving a flat fee from Dominion since my wife owned the 43 surface acres since 1987. The original lease from 1910 is for 253 acres. Our tax ticket and Dominion say we have 4/28ths of 253 acres which figures to be about 36 net acres. HG says we only have 6 net acres, 4/28ths of 43 acres. They have a title search that they won’t show us. Why would their title opinion supersede the previously established understanding of title? If we do a title search and it corroborates our position, who would decide what opinion is valid?


Does your wife have brother or sisters who have part of the 4/28th interest?

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The most recent title opinion is always the latest and greatest, and the one that the company just paid for, so that’s the one they’re going to go by. If you really think they’re wrong you’ll have to run title yourself and then probably do a quiet title suit. It’s going to take time and money. You might get lucky and talk them into your position if there is an obvious mistake (the previous title missed a document, a clear reservation was overlooked, etc.) but usually they’re going to lean on the title attorney’s opinion because the title attorney has insurance.

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