Needing information

My sister and I just inherited the mineral rights to property in Caddo Co from our mother. The legal description on the deed says:

The Northwest Quarter (NW4) of Section Sixteen (16), Township Ten (10) North, Range Ten (10) West, I.M., Caddo County, Oklahoma.

Mom had leased the mineral rights in 2011 for 5 yrs, and received a bonus of $72,000. As of now, there has never been any further communication re: this lease, or what ever happened (if anything) with drilling/exploration. I tried to contact the original company that handled the lease transaction (Jack D. Sullivan out of Edmond), but the phone number has been disonnected. I am assuming he is out of business, or works for another company now.

How can my sister and I find out what is going on? We do not own the land itself--only the mineral rights to it. I believe it is 160 acres. We both live in KS...

There used to be gas production in Section 16 but that ceased in 2010, the year before your Mother leased. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission doesn't show any Permits or Drilling since that time.


There has been no applications/activity on that section in the last 5 years.

Make the property is correctly transferred and send the documentation to the lessee, Cimerex Energy.