Needing help with mineral rights

I was checking on section 33 township 5 south range 7 east does anyone have information on this?

Jessy that is a section of land (Stewart & Thompson wells) that has been flooded in 2015 when the North Cumberland Dike for Lake Texoma was breached. The whole oil field was flooded. They are working on bring the wells back online but it is a slow and expensive process. If you have any more questions you can also send me a message on here or at I am from Marshall county so am familiar with it or will know who to ask.

On in my photos are are various mobile uploads and one album that has more pictures.

780-NorthDikelookingsouthern1222015.jpg (168 KB) 781-LakeTexomaNorthDike062115.jpg (32.1 KB)

Here is an Arial view of the field. The breached dike area is in red. Section 33 you asked about is in blue. Notice the darker sections of green that run in the middle along the original Washita river channel. That is the water that was flooded. Almost all of the production equipment was damaged.

779-Cumberlandoilfieldarial.JPG (136 KB)

Thanks Mr Pruitt. I got to get some stuff resolved I know my mother was getting royalties until 1990 she passed away. Me and my siblings have done nothing with this since. Not sure direction to go. Thanks jessy