needed info

i am an owner with brothers lost my docs in fire the oldest was taking care of it he sick not able to communicate.its in north Dakotas i cant remember any info other then we leased it to a new company few years back were do or who so i can get the info i need

do you know which county your interests are in??


my brother was handling this after dad died i got nothing in my head that i can remember the other 2 brothers wouldn't even cough up there share of lawyers fees i was sick my self being burn a bit in house fire but i have received through the years nice size checks but cant access those accounts to get name


With so little to go on your options are diminished somewhat. You could start my doing an online search (not all are available online though) of all the county courthouses in the NW third of ND. Maybe via your own state or federal tax records. Royalties would have been taxable income in the years received.


ya cool thanks this what i am looking for ideas

glad I could help...good luck

Yea, you should have received 1099s on that income every year sometime in the first three months of the year. That will tell you the operator, who you can contact and go from there.

Further, if you were receiving any income, then check your bank records for any checks you received going back as far as the bank has records.

Further, you might check the unclaimed property site in North Dakota. If there is producing royalty, and it is not being paid to you or your brothers, then it may be in unclaimed property. be sure to check for the names of your parents or grandparents in there as well.

ok here i go got a hold of diamond resources they were the old leasers very nice guy but as i remember family went with someone else but he sounded like they were last ones and no lease as of 2015 but ours was to expire this year i am confused here is what i got so far divide county nd 160n-098w section 30 ne 4 5.72 min acres info anyone please


One well in production just east of you...looks like the sweet spot is further east, but nothing in your section


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so is worthless or my kids might have something in there future

"Worthless" isn't the description I'd use. From an operator's perspective are there more desirable locations out there at current prices? Certainly. Supply and demand do indeed apply.


Definitely not worthless. These mineral rights have a market value and can be bought and sold. Or, as you said, your children could reap the benefit in the future.

still think there might be a leaser as i remember diamond was the first leaser and we went with another company and t was expiring this year unless i got it backwards where do i go to get this info and some kind of ownership paperwork