Need to sell my land

I am in financial difficulty and am looking to sell my portion of land in Garfield County. If anybody is interested, please email me and I will give you the full details. Thanks Harold

Btw, my email is

Mr. Story, I would recommend you call Mr. Wade Caldwell at his office just to hear what he has to say. He is an attorney who has published in-depth articles relative to oil & gas on this form, and is listed as a "Pro" on the site. I have done business with him and consider him honest and highly qualified. He can likely provide you some "shark repellent" should you need it.

Safe Travels,

Will Williams

His contact info from this site:

Wade Caldwell
210.639.1465 (c) cell
210.228.3617 (o) direct
210.225.1655 (o) main
210.225.8999 (f)

Thank you very much.

Mr. Story, assuming it is the surface that you wish to sell, my general advice is to contact the landowners who are adjacent to you or within a mile or so. You can get their information from the county assessor or the county Treasurer. They are the most likely purchasers and the most motivated to acquire land near their present land.

Thanks Tim. The nearest land owners are my family as it was all divided up after Grandpa died and then passed down. It seems none of them have the money to purchase it.

Land should be easy to sell at least here in Wisconsin it is, if nothing else have a land auction.