Need to sell 4 BOPD Operated field in Montana

I have 4 BOPD that I need to sell in Mussellshell County, Montana. It has marginal value for our company but we are a multibillion dollar company and can’t do the wells their justice. Could be a good opportunity for smaller operator or family owned company. Contact Jerry at 281-891-1302 if you are interested.

Will consider ANY offer!

Jerry, Several questions…

  1. Do you have data available and ready to review? If so, where?
  2. Generally speaking, are the wells profitable under current economic conditions?
  3. You mention wells (plural). How many producing wellbores are there (and any non producing wellbores)?
  4. Are you selling 100% with operations? What is the NRI?
  1. Yes, I have data available and I can email it to you. Data will include production curves and Lease Operating Statement.
  2. Generally speaking, they are marginally economic. However, there are months where the wells are cash negative. I think someone who could pay more attention to these wells could fix that.
  3. I believe there is one injector and 2 producers. There may be one non-producer. I will need to check.
  4. WI is ~72% and the and the Net Revenue ~62%