Need title research help

I work for a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and leadership development training for college students. We are needing some help researching title in 10 different counties in Oklahoma on some of our mineral rights. We would like to keep costs down as much as possible, so we are open to hiring multiple professionals to get the job done. Here are the legals we need help with:

Bryan County, 6S/8E/22 Harper County, 27N/21W/7 Harper County, 27N/21W/8 Logan County, 16N/1W/22 Logan County, 17N/4W/25 Marshall County, 7S/6E/29 McIntosh County, 10N/18E/9 McIntosh County, 10N/18E/9 McIntosh County, 10N/18E/10 Pittsburg County, 2N/15E/32 Pittsburg County, 2N/15E/21 Pittsburg County, 2N/15E/22 Pittsburg County, 2N/15E/26 Pittsburg County, 2N/15E/27 Pottawatomie County, 7N/3E/1 Pottawatomie County, 7N/5E/17 Pottawatomie County, 7N/5E/17 Pottawatomie County, 9N/5E/4 Seminole County, 9N/7E/10 Seminole County, 9N/7E/32 Seminole County, 9N/7E/33 Seminole County, 9N/8E/5 Stephens County, 2N/5W/36

If you can help, or you know someone that can, please let me know! Thank you!!

I can help you or refer you to someone for this county.

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What are you attempting to determine from these research? Your organization’s title, your donors’ title? Net mineral acres? Leases?

That would be great! Can you message me the information please? Thank you!

The majority of what we need is verifying our title and providing us backup to that title.

Grantor and Grantee names would be extremely helpful.

You will have to message me first. I was too helpful in the past and cannot send personal messages