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I'm new here and don't know my way around the site yet. This may not be the correct spot for my question so if not tell me where is the best spot to post it.

I think I need an independent landman to help me evaluate properties I have in Lea County. I have an unsolicited offer to purchase my holdings. I need to have an expert to check the titles and leases to see where I stand. My nomenclature may be all wrong but hopefully I've made my point.


I wish I could help. I got burned by a landman in Midland Named Roe Sams. Do not use him. Keep asking around! where is the property located? I can give you an idea if it's anywhere where I have minerals (Jal)

I believe it is in T19S-R33E, Lea County, NM.

And thanks for your reply.

Looking at 19/33, there is some new activity, not very much though. lots of plugged wells. Cimerex energy of Colorado is drilling there. Matador Production has permitted a couple of wells. Start with leasing first. Selling is and should always be a last resort. Lots of technology coming into use bringing up a greater % of oil. If they arn't leased, contact the oil companies above and get them leased.

Thanks again. I wasn't clear in my original post. All of my stuff has bean leased for years. But the royalties have been diminishing ( I probably have interests in some of those plugged wells). I was just trying to get an idea of the value of what I have.

Dear Stuart,

Do not sell your minerals Man, they will come back and pump strong again. My Grandfathers Leases have been pumping over 90 years, with its ups and downs. His Mantra was you can sell the land but never sell the minerals.

Beside Lea County in New Mexico is the Strongest County for OIL. Clint Liles is in the group for Winkler County, he is a landman real nice, You might ask him.

Hi Chris,

Thank you. I think I tend to agree with you. I'm going to look up the gentleman you mentioned. And I indeed appreciate your taking the time to respond to me.



I think time and price per Bbl. will see more development in this area. I don’t have a map in front of me but I worked this area fro Chesapeake. Deep in here, much more expensive to drill wells. Great potential. Be patient.

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Thanks very much for your reply. Since my original post I now have a number of unsolicited offers. Thanks for your advice.

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