Need some help seeing what I may or may not have

I have discovered some possible mineral rights. The se/4 of section 9-16-n-8 w.i.m kingfisher co Oklahoma

I believe this is part of the ken 1h-4x that was just completed. Can anyone assist me?

Every time I ask newfield they said division orders will be done in 6months and not Tell if I’m included.

I just checked Section 9 and all wells are either plugged or inactive with no production. As to the Ken 1H-4X, the spot location is located in Section 4: NW/4 NW/4 NE/4 NW/4 and spot location of bottom hole ends in Section 9: SE/4 SW/4 SW/4 SW/4. So this horizontal well is going thru the Western portion of Sections 4 and 9. Only a permit is filed at this time and no production is noted yet. Cindy Hawkins of Newfield is filing the reports. Her phone # is 918-582-2690. This is a 640 acre unit but it may only include the W/2 of Section 4 and the W/2 of Section 9 so if your mineral rights are in the SE/4 portion of Section 9 you may not be included within this unit. Hope this info helps.

Hmm. Thanks for the info. I wonder if there was any producing wells in Section 9 This trust has been in place since 80s.

Ken 1H-4X was spudded on Sept 14 2016. It is most likely not finished yet. It is spaced at 640 acres. Probably won't see a division order until April or May 2017. You can watch for the completion report on the OCC website for free. Usually about four months after completion.

201601068 Section 9 was pooled in June. Did you lease, were you pooled, did you get any notice? If none of the above, then that needs to be fixed. The bonus/royalty pairs were really high.

201601064 Exception for production

201601066 Location Exception -good preliminary map on the OCC website. Drilling that far to the west in the section implies room for future wells to line up to the east like cigars. No promises, just inference. The section to the south has multiple wells.

201601065 Horizontal well Multi well in 4 and 9. Both at 640. If you have acreage in 9, then you will be paid-next year-if the well ends up being perforated in 9

Pedigo 1-9 listed as active, but last production Nov 15, so should be plugged.

Star #2 listed as active, but no production in last 12 months, so should be plugged.