Need some help please

Good morning! My mother recently received a letter to purchase mineral acres that her deceased husband owned. I am having difficulty finding the mineral deeds. I know the land is in Major County Oklahoma.(I have section #'s and location info) I live in Florida so I am unable to swing by the clerks office. I tried speaking to someone there, but they are apparently understaffed and way to busy. I really need to get the info so I can submit the death certificate and update info but I can’t find it. With the exception of hiring a landman or an attorney what would be my best route? Thank you

I assume that your mother owned the property in joint tenancy with her husband prior to his demise.

If you have the Death Certificate and you know the S-T-R's, you can file the Death Certificate yourself. Just google the terms "proof of death and affidavit of heirship", pick one, attach the DC and just send the DC and PODH to the clerk's office with the proper recording fees and a note asking them to index it against the appropriate sections.

If you must have the deed, call the clerk's office and ask if they will send a copy of the index to you if you send money for copies, an affidavit, and a prepaid envelope or box. Most clerk's will send your index to you. Then you can find the exact book and page of the original deed and repeat the process to request the document from the Clerk's office.

Thank you R Story! So, correct me if I’m wrong. In order for the clerk to update the info after receiving the death certificate they will have to research and update any and all deeds that pertain to my step dad?? Can I request copies at that point?

I am unsure what you are referring to. The clerk will only update the index and properly record any document that you file of record. The clerks will not make changes to any document already recorded.