Need some guidance locating mineral deeds

Good morning! My mother recently received a letter to purchase mineral acres that her deceased husband owned. I am having difficulty finding the mineral deeds. I know the land is in Major County Oklahoma.(I have section #'s and location info) I live in Florida so I am unable to swing by the clerks office. I tried speaking to someone there, but they are apparently understaffed and way to busy. I really need to get the info so I can submit the death certificate and update info but I can’t find it. With the exception of hiring a landman or an attorney what would be my best route? Thank you

Fly to Oklahoma, rent an automobile and drive to Fairview? I suggest you find a good Landman.

Post this in the Major County forum.

You may be able to search deeds on line on okcountyrecords.Com website. You will have to search backwards in title starting with deed from husband to mother. Then deed into husband from X. Deed into X from Y. Etc. Look for any oil and gas leases involving these parties. You have to determine the gross acres and then the fractional interest (such as 1/2 or 1/10) to get to the net acres. Or title could have transferred by probate records. If probate or deeds do not exist, then you have to fix the title. Make sure that there is no production or unpaid royalties which your mother should collect before selling.

Did somebody do something to your corn flakes this morning? Thank you Tom Ed for bringing it to my attention that there is a Major county forum. I will post my question there as well. Have a great evening!

Thank you Tennis! That bit of info really helped. I am a noob to all of this stuff. Something that may seem remedial to you is Latin to me, and I don’t speak Latin.


In this business Latin is often used.

The suggestion okcountyrecord goes back to around 1990. If it is earlier, it takes boots on the ground or a Landman.

I have a couple of tracts in 20N 10W. The trend Is moving to 20N 12W and I hope to my location in the future.

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Good morning Tom! Thank you for your input. Have a couple questions. Is it normal to not be able to find info on okcountyrecords? How do I go about finding a reputable landman?

You might try Dudley Land Services in Oklahoma. I have heard of them. Google them.

Thank you Carol!

Was will and probate filed for the husband's estate? Was ancillary probate filed in Oklahoma? If not, you may need to consult an Oklahoma estate attorney about the process of clearing title. It may depend on intestacy statutes.

Thank you Tennis! No and No Intestacy statutes??

I hate to say this, but I think you are going to have to hire an attorney in Ok. I had to a couple of years ago because no probate had been done for my mother in Ok. I used Tim Dowd in Oklahoma City. He has been doing this for years and was very good and quick. If interested his number is (405) 232-3722.

Thank you Carol! I really appreciate the referral!