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My sister was recently contacted online by EQT Production Company wanting to know some family history of our family. Our great-great grandfather owned the oil and gas rights on a tract of land in Doddridge County(McClellan District) and they want to lease mineral rights. I don't really know what should be a first step. She hasn't called him yet. From what I've read they will probably want a mailing address and some other information. My mom is still living and one of her sisters. I'm not sure about any other family. I just don't want my mom and aunt to get burned on this if they are entitled to anything.

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There is no reason you need to divulge any information! I would suggest trying to learn what they are seeking, what parcel their research pertains to and provide that information on this site. There are some extremely helpful members on this site that can assist you in finding more details, once you know more about what EQT is searching for.

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Thanks for the quick response. It's a 184 ac. tract in the McClellan District. They gave no map number or anything. Just said they were leasing mineral rights in the area and trying to find heirs to mineral rights owner(my Great-Great Grandfather). I guess I need to give them at least a mailing address so they can send any maps or other information? Is there any other way to look up the tract of land they are looking at? I used a link on here on another post by someone and looked up county records but didn't turn up anything.



Personally, I would be leery of giving my physical address to EQT, they would need that to serve you with notice of a lawsuit. (I have been sued by them, more than once.) That information can be shared via email and even if it is just a listing of Map & Parcel number, many of us have copies of the maps and can send you them.

I will send a note to someone that is a regular on the site, let her know of your posting and I am certain she will be of assistance, she is the one I frequently turn to.

Lastly, never let a production company try to bully you or threaten you with "must be signed in 10 days", et al. The last threat I received to sign in 10 days was more than two years ago and we have a hearing scheduled for next week, their time frame of 10 days is a bit different than mine.

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Hi Adam, using your information I was able to find one tract that fits that desription, in the northern part of the district. If you want to talk about this out of the public eye, I'll send a friend request and maybe I can help a little.


You can provide most of the information they need over the phone or at worst by email. You might as well keep them at a distance until they provide you with some specifics. The landman should be willing to give you some information as long as they know that you're the right family.