Need referral for a Attorney for possible quiet title action

Have mineral interest in McClain county, OK. Need a referral of a couple of attorneys to choose from for possible Quiet Title action and/or Probate before operator will release our revenue from a new will in McClain county.



While a quiet title may be an option, a summary probate may be more in order. Judge Gray handles most probates in McClain County. The process usually takes 60-75 days once the paperwork is filed. Whoever you use ask for a flat fee.

Richard Winblad.

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Thank you for your advice. It’s an interest I acquired in a bankruptcy /court deed from a man who acquired it as a result of his wife’s death. She died in another state and had a will filed in another state’s county clerks office granting him/husband her assets/subject mineral interest. DTO attorney says he needs probate or Quiet Title action in Oklahoma for the mineral interest of the deceased wife to establish marketable title/ownership for them to release revenues to us.

Most likely a quiet title action, bankrupt’s wife’s probate documents would be helpful.