Need our mineral acres appraised

We are in need of an appraisal of our mineral acres in Divide County for estate planning. Can you recommend a local qualified appraiser? Also do you know what is the average price for mineral acres in Divide County? Thanks for any help you can give us!

Hi Kathy,

contact local appraisal Nathan Tangedal out of Williston. He has been in area his whole life and recently provided my family mineral rights appraisal of our minerals up by Hanks North Dakota. The average price varies hugely depending on where in Divide County.


Don Larson

Thanks so much for the contact! Any idea what an appraisal costs?

I see a problem with getting an appraisal ahead of time. The value of mineral rights can quaduple in a few months time. The cost of appraisal could be a few hundred dollars per acre.

If it is a division amoungsr family members of other real property vs mineral rights, I would use the I cut the cake and you pick which slice you want method.

You could give the exact legal description here and I and possibly others with some experience could hazard an opinion as to their value and why.

I was communicating with a man here some time ago who had an appraisal from a landman on some minerals which in my opinion was way too high priced, the area was proven to be poor producing. I told him to call the landman back and ask if that will be cash or check. I believe that the landman was using a multiple of the lease bonus from years ago before it was known how poor the production of the minerals would be.

I realize you don't need a YAHOO appraisal either, but I think those would be easily weeded out with the explanation of why the minerals are worth xxx much.

What do you mean “The cost of appraisal could be a few hundred dollars per acre”? Do you mean a few hundred dollars per quarter? An appraisal surely wouldn’t cost a few hundred per acre!


we had our family 560 acres appraised for family estate planning purposes only - not for selling or other reasons. The cost was under $1000. All the best.

Nathan Tangedal is a land professional with over 16 years of land experience. He is the owner and President of Elkhorn Energy Corporation. Elkhorn provides a wide range of energy land services including but not limited to title examination, leasing, due diligence, right-of-way acquisitions, mapping, drill site and leasing curative, surface use negotiations and surface inspections as well as many other facets of the land business. He has worked on projects in the following states – Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming.

Nathan Tangedal

P.O. Box 957

Williston, ND 58802-0957

701-770-0017 cell

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Actually, yes it could, the same amount of work and expertise would be required to appraise 5 net mineral acres as it would to appraise 500. If you have greater net mineral acreage it could be less, in quantity so to speak. You did not specify the amount of acreage to be appraised. Actually a few hundred per quarter would be only a few dollars per acre and I would wonder about how cheap the appraiser worked. Appraisal of mineral acres is not the same as appraisal of surface real estate. Sorry to have disturbed you. I wish you the greatest of luck.

We have 800 acres in Lincoln Valley & Twin Butte Townships. Thank you Don for Mr. Tangedal’s information. And thank you Mr. Kennedy for your comments.