Need oil and gas lawyer to set up Royalty Trust

Need a recommendation on a lawyer that will give a free consultation to see if this is the route our family needs to take.

Not so sure you will get a free consultation, but maybe someone on the forum has a recommendation.

However, putting your minerals in an LLC is a wise thing to do. (not necessarily a royalty trust, but that is another option.) We have ours in a LLC. Each person is a member and owns a certain percentage. That gets the title out of a person's name and keeps it in the LLC. When someone passes away it has very good tax advantages for estate tax reasons and also keeps the title clear. Each person's will can determine how they would like to pass on their percentage.

Sounds like a good plan. Do you recommend someone to handle the LLC?

Several members of my family including myself currently are beneficiaries of a royalty trust and we are interested in potentially having a lawyer to review the trust because the trust is currently in the hands of non-family members. Or I should say, they are not blood relatives and it is believed the trust was possibly manipulated for their benefit.

Friend me and I will send you my attorney's contact info in OKC. He set it up.