Need More Info on Acreage in Marshall County, OK

I just received an offer to sell my mineral rights for a substantial amount of money. I know this is the wrong course, landmen know more than I do, etc. etc. But there is also something to be said for the time value of money, and this is substantial. I am not selling, but I also think it is time for me to get a handle on what is going on this tract. Should I hire an attorney? Does anyone have one to recommend. An information most appreciated.



Hi Jill,

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Kirk Eggleston

MRF Administrator

Jill, beware! Rumor has it that some of those offers are not what they’ll actually pay you if you’re interested in selling! Often, they’re only lead-ins to get you to call them, so they can try to steal the minerals from you by making you a low-end offer!

Jill, I will second what Kaye said. There is no harm in talking to them but the instant they say there was an error and try to bargain down, hang up because it's exactly what Kaye just described.