Need land man -how much $?

I posted about this before, but have not followed up. I need a land man. My spouse passed last year and left his minerals to me. The will was probated.

I continue to receive regular offers for the minerals that he believed he sold. I have the legal descriptions for the properties. What kind of money are we talking about to get a land man to follow up and see if I do own these minerals?

Neither he nor I have ever received any royalty checks on this property.


Do you have a probate attorney? They will do the leg work. Or you can inquire with the count clerk’s office.

Barbara, I’m sorry to hear about your spouse’s passing. In terms of having a landman perform a limited title search on a tract, usually it will cost around $2500-$3000 (approximately, the complexity of title will determine if it costs more or less than this). The day rate for a landman is usually around $500/day (8 hours). Hiring a landman is the less expensive route vs. hiring a title attorney to do this for you. You can also research the properties on your own via the county clerk/recorders office (either in person or online if records are available for the county/counties in question). If you are getting purchase offers there are likely permitted wells and/or drilling going on and you can go the NDIC Oil & Gas Division website and lookup the properties on their map server to see what activity is occurring. Good luck! Matt Sands

It is also quite common to receive offer letters long after selling an interest. Most mineral buyers are relying on old title documents and do not update them or are lazy to be frank. What you could do is negotiate with one of these mineral buyers and have them confirm how much you own (if any) before you sign anything.

Barbara, I am a landman in Bismarck, ND and would love to help you out. Please contact me at 701-360-0506 so we can discuss what we will be looking at and go from there.

Thanks, Heather

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