Need Insight on Selling KS, NM, OK Leases

Our family trust has leases in Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. All but the NM leases are old and pay small royalties. Because of complications when the trust ends with an elderly family member’s death, I and the other trustee would like to sell the leases now.

Will you share your good experiences selling leases? Can we bundle to off-load the older, less-profitable leases? Any advice appreciated. I’ve visited a few exchange sites, so that’s what I’m leaning toward. (Also what our lawyer advises.)

It’s pretty easy. Nothing to difficult. Do you have a contact?

Hey Cole, I’m talking to an exchange (Mid-Continent Energy Exchange) which can take all the leases for their Oct auction. That seems an easy way to go about it.

If I were you, I would try selling direct to someone. Then you don’t have to pay them a fee. If you know what they are worth that is.