Need information about who has leases on mineral acres I inherited

I inherited some mineral acres in Dewey County several years ago. I am assuming the leases are with the oil companies who send the royalty checks....and that they have been held in production....for all these years. But I have been told, also, that may not be the case. I am learning as I go. Need help in gaining information about what exactly it is I own....who has the leases....etc. I want to be able to make informed decisions about what I would like to do....or what I can do. Can anyone recommend someone who can help me with this journey of discovery!!


Tina - if you send me the information on the property, I will see if I can look it up for you. Just PM me when you have it ready



#1 File a proof of heirship with the county clerk. Thats wills and death certificates. The rules are cut and dry with regard to who is the rightful owner. It follows heirship by blood. If you know the legal description and location the clerk can tell you who is the current owner on record. Knowing that could help you to proceed, but Iseriiously this is so initially complex you could get stung. You need a landman (mineral rights attorney) I use Energy land Consultants in Eugene, He walked me through it. I provided him with what he asked and he handled the legal part, legal transfer of ownership and heirship. My folks had passed and I knew nothing. Once ownership has been established and filed with the county , then you can learn as you go. PS. ** once ownership is established all royalties that have accrued will be paid to your retroactively!!!! and 12% interest I believe! Thats a hooray right. My advice, have a landman get your legal ownership complete and filed. If you call Energy Land Consultants ask for Duane Adair secretary, you dont need his level of expertise or billing rate LOL she knows what you will need. Good Luck, Tell her Susan Adair sent you! :)

Thank you for the great advice!!

Let me know how it turns out. Glad to help, Susan