Need information about a Working Interest payments as compared to a 1/4th Royalty payments

If there is any honest landman that can provide us with an explanation all about Working Interest payments and how they compare to a .25 royalty payments. When all said and done is a WI payment 2 or 20 times that of a 1/4th Royalty payment from a producing well. The up front cost of a WI would of course be significantly higher since there is no cost for a royalty payment as long as you own the minerals. The other question is the cost for that WI in participating in the ownership of the well. With wells only now costing 4.5 million it looks to be a very good investment opportunity. Is this a good opportunity or is this still very high risk. It would seem that with all the new technology that this risk is now very minimal ?? is this so or not. What would the WI cost be per nma for a well costing 4.5 million in a 640 and 1280 spacing units? Please explain all about participating in a WI on a well or wells that maybe drilled as many as what 12 32? in a section now.

Also would like to know about overriding royalties and how they are obtained and work.